Running Tabletop Exercises is an important aspect of any security policy, and may even be required by various compliancy programs.

One great resource for table top exercises is the Bad Things Daily twitter account. This straight forward account publishes new scenarios roughly every day.

This Slack Application bridges the twitter account and your Slack team by adding a /badthings slash code to your team. When run this command returns a random scenario from @BadThingsDaily

Privacy Policy

This application only does one thing- it listens for "slash" commands sent by the Slack server and it responds with a scenario. It does not have, nor does it need, permission to read any messages on your Slack network.

No data from your network or account is saved, and nothing is sent to third parties.


The best way to get support is to bug me on twitter, either by publically calling out something that's broken or by sending a direct message. You can also open an issue on Github or reach out via email to